Thursday, 2 March 2006

Dentist Visit - 8 February 2006

I had my first dental check up since getting braces ... and I was told I'm very good ... wow ... I was just so excited! It's been about eight months since I'd last seen my dentist and I was hoping it would be a non event!

My dentist asked about what it was like having braces, how I coped with the cleaning etc and added that the few adults he's seen with braces have had excellent oral hygiene ... geepers so that means no slacking now! Told him the only thing that bugs me is eating/cleaning ... he laughed when I said that I wasn't giving it up ... especially the chocolate!

When he'd finished my check up, he said I had to make an appointment with the hygienist for a clean and that my ortho ... had requested I have a fluoride treatment once every six months. Ok ... I was so impressed that he was reading a letter from my ortho and that communication between different/related professions in different places was working ... I left without asking what this is ...

Now of course I'm wanting to know.

I'm thrilled about the communication though ... love it professionals work together!

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