Monday, 20 February 2006

Week 28 - Adjustment 4

I had my fourth adjustment on 15 February 2006.

It was basically a non event ... funny how the last few have been like that!

The assistant prepared all the stuff for Dr C to replace the bracket that had come off the right lower second premolar, but when Dr C had a look he decided to leave it off. He said there was a filling on the side of that tooth and he was surprised the bracket had remained put for as long as it had. He then moved the archwire back to the right, as it had slipped to the left and was no longer in the tube on the back molar.

He then changed two ligs ... put a new one on the 'wayward' lower lateral and on the lower left second premolar ... which had gotten a figure eight at my last appointment, and is now back to a regular round the bracket pattern.

Dr C said he'd been hoping to up the archwires, but since the wayward tooth was still out of alignment I'd have to wait till my next adjustment in seven weeks - on 5 April 2006, for that to 'hopefully' happen! Oh well ... I've just gotta find some patience!

The strange thing is ... for two days after my appointment both back molars on the lowers ached ... I'm guessing this is because of the archwire having slipped and now being pulled back. The wayward one has moved a little ... but still has over six weeks to get into place ... It will HAPPEN!

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