Thursday, 2 March 2006

Hygienist Appointment - 1 March 2006

I had my first hygienist appointment ... and it went really well.

My hygienist said I was her best ortho patient ... and man did my head swell. She said she wished all her ortho patients had to pay for their own treatment, as she reckons théy'd look after their oral hygiene a lot better if they did.

After a check and a quick clean I had the fluoride treatment. It was a minty gel and while I was sitting up, she applied it with cottonbuds to the surfaces of my teeth. It was left for one minute and then she suctioned it off and said not to eat or drink for 30 minutes. Felt good, tasted and smelled excellent!

I asked about using Colgate toothpaste with baking soda and peroxide ... and she said it's a good toothpaste ... no problem that she's heard of and that toothpaste does not whiten teeth on its own.

I asked if I should be doing anything else ... she said no! I asked when I should come back to see her ... and she said after seeing my dentist in six months time! Wow ... head still swelling!

I went to pay ... and was told the price had been discounted by a quarter due to so little work being required ... head still swelling!

I managed to squeeze out the Dental Clinic door ... it took a bit of effort ... but I made it ... head still swelling!

I got out to the carpark and had a look at the size of my cars door ... I was really concerned how I was going to fit my still swelling head in there ... it really is good to hear such positive comments from professionals!

I'm thrilled that the extra effort I've been putting in each night with my OTT cleaning regime has been worth it!

PS My hygienist laughed when I told her that the reason I'm OTT with my oral hygiene is I'm scared of being told off by an ortho that's younger than me!

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