Wednesday, 15 June 2005

Tooth Ache - Tuesday 14 July 2005

Have had a terrible ache in bottom left molar ... most of the filling has fallen out. Finally phoned a dentist ... but couldn't get an appointment till 22 June. Suggested I come down for a quick check at lunch time today, to make sure there's no infection.

The check started ok, then the dentist said he wasn't happy with my bite, my this and my that and recommended an immediate visit to an orthodontist. He phoned an orthodontist in Adelaide and I got an appointment for the following day. All a bit scary.

He then said I didn't have an infection and to return on 22 June ... but to make sure I kept the appointment in Adelaide tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

that same thing is happening to me right now and it hurts like hell

Single White Man said...

Tooth aches really suck. I had one earlier this week. Now it's gone on it's own. I can't make a dentist appointment until the March 5th.

My tooth ache rant and home remedies.


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