Thursday, 16 June 2005

First Orthodontist Appointment

Found Dr C's practice in Adelaide ... relief, coz I sure was nervous.

Dr C is lovely, but everything was going a bit too quickly as he explained I needed to have braces and I have a 'double bite', crowding, gaps, impacted right upper canine ... and I'm not sure what else.

Next he had me standing by the wall and took photos. How does one smile ... I really don't think I've mastered that ... I'm 47 ... a bit of a worry! Then it was moulds ... then I started to shake. He asked if I was ok, and I had to admit this was all going a bit fast and I was feeling rather anxious.

Dr C slowed down and explained things to me again ... and I felt a lot better. He sent me off to get x-rays at a place across road.

About 90 minutes later I returned with them. He scanned them, and noted my canine is lying horizontally ... same as his sisters did ... and not in such a great position.

We discussed types of braces and he suggested ceramic for the top and traditional metal for the bottom. Also discovered we both have the same favourite colour ... Purple ... that made me like Dr C even more. I discussed my concerns about staining, as I'm a 'real' curry addict after living in Fiji ... love red wine ... love tea ... and don't have plans to change those passions. He was cool about all that and said they have teflon wires, and that I could wear colour ligatures and then if I have a special occasion where I want the top braces to be less noticeable, I could get them changed to teflon wires or clear ligs ... well it all sounded ok to me ... I think ...

So I left with some reading material and two appointments for 3 August. First appointment at a different x-ray place where I have more indept x-rays of the canine to find out if it's in a position to be brought down, and also to check if it's damaged the teeth on either side. When that appointment is over I'm to return to Dr C to get my braces on ... wow ... it's happening so fast!

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