Tuesday, 21 June 2005

Rain ...

When we moved to South Australia in September last year (2004), we were amazed at how green it was, in fact it reminded us of home ... lower south island of New Zealand. We'd lived the previous 18 months in Queensland and I'd been working in the Outback with the Youth Justice service, and was used to driving for hours in red sandy soil with little or no green anywhere.

By Christmas time the green had vanished from this area as well and our grass was a funny brown colour and mainly made up of weeds. Also we were having problems keeping water up to the vege patch we'd planted due to watering restrictions.

We were told to expect rain in autumn ... but March arrived and it didn't come. Then we were told that this season was very unusual as we were still having temperatures in the high 20's and low 30's ... just the kind of weather we love.

But ... oh dear ... how quickly things change! I feel almost guilty for saying (writing) it ... but it's been raining for over a week and I'm sick of it. I've got washing hanging everywhere ... hubby and I need a new wardrobe ... heating is costing us a fortune (and I loathe to think what burning oil must be doing for the environment), and our beautiful little dog is cold.

I guess our biggest problem is that we've been living in the tropics for a while now, and even when it did rain it was still hot, so we've not got suitable clothing for this weather ... and we don't like this weather.

For the farmers ... I'd love it to rain every night for you, and for every day to be sunny and warm!

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