Monday, 15 August 2011

Soap philosophies can change

I started buying homemade soap many years ago and as a purest I only bought soap fragranced with essential oils.

When I started making soap it was important to me to follow my philosophy of using only essential oils, natural colourings, no animal products and no palm oil, even if it’s from a sustainable source.

These ideals lasted for about a year, the ‘no animal products’ and ‘no palm oil’ haven’t changed, but I kept seeing pictures of beautiful soaps with amazing colours and read about some amazing fragrances … and these helped me to experience with colours and fragrances.

Soaping is loads more fun now that my ‘no no’ list has reduced and my soap is as good if not better than it was when I followed the ‘no no’ list.

Blue Wave ... just out of the moulds

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Amy Warden said...

Hi Kaz - I certainly go back and forth on deciding whether or not to stop using the synthetic fragrances. My girls both have allergies, but I'm not entirely sure if they are allergic to all the fragrances in the house or not. So, I've been using up a lot of the fragrances I already have, and then I'll make a decision! LOL!


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