Thursday, 3 July 2008

Those words ...

Last week my hubby had his first post chemo/radiation appointment. It was worse than we could have imagined. The doc had to tell us that after six weeks of treatment, the tumour showed no improvement and was therefore inoperable. His advice to my hubby is to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, as his chances of survival are not good. He said that with the type of cancer he has, there's a survival rate of 20% at one year, and he wouldn't comment about after that.

He said the cancer will spread ... lungs, liver, kidney, bones etc.

To say we were both shattered, would be a massive understatement!

We're to continue seeing this doc at the end of each month.

What now ...
We're planning a trip home to New Zealand to visit family and friends. My hubby wants to fly business class.
We'll meeting with our real estate agent, as we think we'd be best to sell the house we're currently building.
We've cancelled our trip to Europe.
We're taking the Ghan to Darwin.
Hubby will go barramundi fishing in the Northern Territory.
... and any thing else that he wants to do.

We're both continuing to work ... but my hubby is only doing part days and having his second and third in charge, do much of the work. The directors of the company he runs have been excellent so far.


Orthodontics blog said...

There is absolutely nothing I can say to not feel like an idiot. any word I'd try to write here seems to not be the good one to express how sad this makes me and how much I'd want you to not have to go through this. I pray that your hubby will be that very small percentage to make it and the doctors will be wrong. It would be just amazing. Still you are all going through such hard times, I can only pray for you and hope that maybe a miracle can happen. They do happen, it would be a good idea to happen again.

I send you all my best wishes in these difficult hours and pray together with you for something that could save you from all this pain. Send your hubby all my good thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Karen, I'm so sorry to read this news. It's just too much for words. Good thing your husband's got you.
My thoughts to you both.



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