Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Week 147 - Adjustment 20

A quick adjustment. My orthodontist is concerned that my teeth aren't moving as they should be and wants my next appointment to be a longer one. He plans to change the placement of some brackets with the intention that this will help correct the necessary alignment.

Uppers - Ignored

Lowers - Strong grey powerchain replaced. Small gaps from the IPR (15 October 2007) still need to complete closing.

The hook on the lower left molar had come away from the base of the bracket. My ortho had no idea how this could happen. He removed the base of the bracket and cleaned the glue off my tooth ... no discomfort. He said he'd replace this at my longer appointment in June. Said it will be a good test to see how far the molar moves over the next three weeks. It's a second molar, that has moved into the place of an extracted first molar. I can tell it's already moved, but hopefully only a small amount. My orthodontist says the amount of movement a tooth like this gives, indicates what might happen when all brackets are removed and therefore indicates the type of retaining that may be needed.

I'm to continue wearing a class III elastic (3/16" elastics - red bag) on the right side - minimum of 23 hours a day, change once a day. Wear in a class III configuration - upper right first molar to lower canine. This is to continue closing the gap over my impacted upper right canine and help with my very crooked midlines. I have been wearing a class III elastic on the right since August 2006!

Next appointment - 19 June 2008.

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Michelle said...

Sometimes those quick adjustments drive me crazy. I figure if I'm there, do the work. I am so impatient, I think I need to relax!!


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