Sunday, 13 January 2008

European Holiday - Draft One

On Saturday we went to a travel agent to begin formulating the plans we’ve been making to have a holiday in Italy later this year. My hubby has talked about to visiting Italy, Greece and the Greek Islands for some time, and last September I suggested that my income be put in a separate bank account to pay for this adventure. This we did, and we started stage one of planning our holiday. We’ve done loads of online research and also talked to people who’ve been to Italy, and we felt it was time to start getting it together.

We went to the local flight centre, and the assistant manager Jo (Jody) started to put our plans together. She agreed that three weeks made our ideas doable, but obviously if we could sneak an extra day or three, it would be even more fun. My hubby has told his companies directors he’ll be taking time off for this holiday, and they’re okay about it, but he’s unsure of how long he should be away for … annoying, but understandable.

This is our current plans … nothing set in concrete, but a definite start!

We fly from Adelaide to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) by Malaysia Airlines on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday … after 7 September 2008, so we can get special air fares for September. We’ll probably have a one night stopover then fly to Rome (Italy). It will take 7 hours 30 minutes to get to Kuala Lumpur and 12 hours 10 minutes to get to Rome … that’s a long time!

After a day or two in Rome, we’ll do a 12 day Greek Isles Cruise, with the Carnival Cruise Lines. This cruise sounds great …
Depart Rome – 7 am
Day 1Naples, Italy – Arrive 7 am, depart 6 pm
Day 2 – ‘Fun Day’ at Sea
Day 3Marmaris, Turkey – Arrive 11 am, depart 6 pm
Day 4Izmir, Turkey – Arrive 9 am, depart 4 am
Day 5Istanbul, Turkey – Arrive 9 am, depart 8 pm (Scenic cruising of the Dardanelles)
Day 6 – ‘Fun Day’ at Sea
Day 7Athens (Piraeus), Greece – Arrive 6 am, depart 5 pm
Day 8Katakolon, Greece – Arrive 8 am, depart 3 pm
Day 9 – ‘Fun Day’ at Sea
Day 10Livorno, Italy – Arrive 7 am, depart 7 pm
Day 11Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy – Arrive 6 am – Overnight aboard ship
Day 12Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy – Debark 8 am

Maybe a night or two in Rome, then fly to Venice for a couple of nights and then to Tuscany for the final 5 or so days.

We may turn this trip around and start in Venice (or Rome then Venice), then Tuscany, then the cruise … not sure … but we have a plan … sort of …

Then on the way back to Adelaide we'll spend a couple of days in Kuala Lumpur. Then home!

We chose the month of September for this trip, as it will be autumn in Italy and the weather will still be warm.

... Still have to make plans for our beautiful 10 year old Milo. We have two choices ... leave her at home and have her visted at least once daily from a pet and house care agent, or have her holiday in the local kennels. I think I'll ask her vet for advice on that one!

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