Sunday, 19 December 2010

Orange Poppy Seed and Oat Bran Soap

My fourth batch of soap ... and another recipe to try. I'm learning heaps from a forum called 'The Soap Makers' forum and have learned about 'soap calculators' ... places you can enter the quantities of oils you're planning to use and it will tell you how much lye and how much water you need for those oils.

This time I thought about a soap for hands ... with poppy seeds to exfoliate and oat bran to soothe. I've read that orange essential oil won't last due to it being a 'top note' oil, so I used patchouli essential oil to 'anchor' it.

I also mixed about a 1/2 cup of the soap mix with some turmeric to get a golden orange colour. I then mixed this into the top 1/4 of the soaps when they were in the moulds. The colour looks like it might fade, but it was fun trying something different and I like how it looks.


Mumsey said...

So good to see you blogging again and I love the way the soaps like sliced.

Deb Legg said...

Your soap looks great! Patch with orange smells so nice, it's warm and comforting. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, Jude from the braces side of life here. Wow those soaps look awesome.

When in the States I've been getting a ginger almond oatmeal exfoliant soap from Trader Joes. It's actually made in France (they call the soap "Trader Jacques".) The big bits of oatmeal do make a good scrubbing and it smells great. Huge 8.8 oz bars like a wee brick.

I'm thinking of starting to make homemade lip balm. Might start w/petroleum jelly mixed w/aloe vera gel (found this online today.) Getting tired of how dry my lips are. Gasp.

regards, Jude


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