Friday, 30 October 2009

I keep needing more space for my vegies ...

I can't stop adding more seeds and seedlings. So I have to keep finding ways to increase my space ... and that's fun. Here's some photos ...

These terracota pots have been sealed and are homes for a bay tree and flat leaf parsley.
Bay tree and Mine - Oct 09

A heirloom tomato plant - Amish Oxheart - growing in a bag of potting mix

A Queensland blue pumpkin and a bush cucumber are growing in two tyres.
Tyre with bush cucumber and Queensland Blue Pumpkin - Oct 09

I have three 'tomato towers' which I'm using to grow climbing beans and peas.
September 2009


LemonTree said...

oh what fun! I just discovered gardening recently and find it so therapeutic. I love how creative you are - i would have never thought of growing anything inside a tire!

Kiwikaren said...

Just remember to make holes for drainage, in the side you're putting on the earth, then fill it with quality soil and manure ... and plant!

The pumpkins are growing so big ... I'm not sure how the cucumbers will go.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen!

How nice to see you are getting back on track.
Your garden looks wonderful!
I'm still braced too and about to get a TPA to help bring my last molars forward. It's been a long journey! Let's hang in there!
Ken! bracedagain.


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