Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Week 208 - Adjustment 25

My ortho is keenly trying to get my bite in the best position and to that end he worked on my upper arch this time.

He removed the powerchain ... which has been there since my November adjustment. It was amazing to see the powerchain and that it was still totally in tact. It wouldn't be applying pressure to my teeth, but it was preventing them from spreading out, so it was still do a part job ... after all those months - 8 months!

Next he took my top archwire off and adjusted the bends in it and worked more bends into it. The archwire was put back on and I could immediately feel that. Then a new powerchain was put on ... my favourte purple one ... and ghee I could feel that.

Next my ortho got some PC 'power chain' ... which is a type of elastic thread. He threaded that around the brackets of the teeth on either side of the gap where my impacted canine is and then tied it tight ... behind the archwire. Wow ... I could feel those teeth moving ... which was exciting! Tben with some fancy tying, it was secured tightly in place.

A new hook was made for my upper right side elastic and more of those horrible tiny 1/8" elastics were put on. Same as last time -

Left side - a triangle, from upper canine to lower canine and lower premolar

Right side
- a triangle from upper first molar to lower canine and lower premolar

My next appointment is in seven weeks and here's to my bite being less open and the gap over my impacted canine finally closed!


stephanie said...

Hurray for moving teeth! I don't know how you've standed being in rubber bands for so long... mine drive me crazy! I guess you're probably used to them by now, though :)

And ugh, powerchains. Hopefully they get those teeth moving!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen!

Best of Luck getting that gap closed!
I'm still braced too and just got a new Purple PC on my uppers!
Will it be over someday? 3 yrs + in now.


Sarah said...

Hey! Stumbled across your blog. So nice to know there are other people there that are going through the same stuff! I just got my braces on for the second time and am now prepping to have jaw surgery next summer. I'm apprehensive about recovery but I know in the end it will be so worth it. Will you be needing surgery? Your improvement over the past few years is awesome!


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