Monday, 2 February 2009


We've had family from New Zealand visit and that was good for us both. My hubbies Mum, one of his brothers and his wife came for a week. It was nice to catch up with them and hear stories from home. The hard part is when they leave ... my hubby gets very upset, coz he's left wondering if he'll ever see them again. I think that's why he's not sure if he wants any more family from New Zealand to visit.

Our kids are due back in about seven sleeps ... can't wait! It's tough for them having to leave their jobs and friends, but they both want to spend as much time with their Dad as they can. I can't begin to imagine how tough this is for them.

We're noticed that our local friends don't call as often as they used to. A couple still do ... but it's getting hard for them ... you can see it in their eyes. They love my hubby (and they've all worked for him also) and I think they're finding the sight of him suffering is just too hard ... which it is!


Bella In The Bayou said...

Please know that I continue to pray for your family. I lost both my parents over the past year and a half. I kept a journal of things that happened and things they told me, especially at the very end. It's been a comfort to me to read over some of the things that I'd forgotten like the last words my Dad spoke to me and some of the advice that was given.

Can you get a back up generator? We had to use one when the hurricane passed by in September (we were also blessed to have had a friend offer us a small portable air conditioner that we could run off the generator).

Michelle said...

Just wanted you to know that I am still thinking of you and your family. I hope all of the prayers that are coming your way are bringing you some peace.
Thinking of you daily...

Anonymous said...

When you were on AW we kept in touch with some regularity. When I was told of your blog, I had hoped to see that your life was going good. I deeply feel for you.
Your love for your husband readily shows. May you and he cherish this time together.
I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.


otherwise known as Iborg

nabukay said...

Just checking and let you know I'm thinking about you and your family.

laura said...

I'm still thinking of you too. I can't even imagine what you and your hubby and your family must be going through.

stephanie said...

Just checking in - still thinking/ praying for you and your family.


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