Sunday, 21 September 2008

A Tough Week

My hubby has been tired and feeling generally unwell this week. This is scary, as he has been looking so good since we were told he has terminal cancer, that at times it is possible to forget what lies ahead.

He was very upset on Tuesday, as he felt he could no longer go to work, even for a few hours. We talked and cried together for a while, and he's decided to not try and go to work every day, and on the days he does go, he'll go for maybe only four hours.

The trip through the centre of Australia to Darwin was an awesome holiday, but when we got to Darwin, my hubby spent long hours fishing ... so I think it's to be expected that he's feeling tired.

This week we will organise bloods and a visit to our GP, who the palliative care team, have said we can keep as our primary care giver for now. Important for my hubby, as this is the first doctor he's felt good about.

Here's to next week being better!


holski said...

I am glad to hear your hubby is working with a doctor that he likes, and also sad to hear that you both are going through this difficult time.

You are so strong. Please know you are in my thoughts.

stephanie said...

Holly is right - you are so strong! You are in my prayers.


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