Friday, 16 December 2005

Week 19 - Adjustment 3!

Got up early ... repeat of nightly clean after a huge mug of earl grey ... spent some time in my garden and playing with my dog ... another little brush and dose of mouth wash ... into my purple car and drive to Adelaide.

Dr C is all smiles and we chat easily as usual ... mainly about Christmas coming.

So I do it just as I'd planned ... "Dr C I want christmas colours this time." I guess his look told me the answer ... damn it! I think he realises from the look of total disappointment on my face that he needs to do some explaining! It was good to hear why he doesn't change ligs at every appointment and why he wants friction at some brackets and not at others etc. Some of my teeth still have a long way to go before I can move from the beginning wires and until then he wants all the effort put into them, as he can't move on with the treatment plan otherwise!

Dr C did ask if I was planning to change the colours in my hair to red and green ... told him I'd done that a couple of christmas' back ... and now I'm too addicted to my favourite purple to change those foils!

He admitted that my teeth are moving very slowly ... which sometimes happens ... especially with adults, but some are moving ... and that's what's important! Right! Anyway Dr C explains that I won't be having a total lig change until my teeth are ready for a new wire ... until then he'll only be changing ligs to get more movement for them!

Think he changed six or seven ligs. A couple he did in a figure eight, and he put a lig back on the 'wayward' one! He put it totally around the bracket and reckons it won't be falling off this time! Hope he's right!

I go back in nine weeks for my next adjustment ... so maybe then I can have a total colour change ...!!! Oh well, christmas is only 12 months away ... I'm thinking I'll get a second shot at those colours then!

I asked Dr C about using toothpaste with the ingredients baking soda and peroxide. He said no problems as there's not enough of the whitening ingredients for them to affect the colour of teeth.

About my impacted canine ... Dr C feels the first option ... close the gap ... is the best one, but he wants to wait and see how my teeth move first before committing to that one! So this process continues ...

Now ... have a little discomfort where the 'wayward' tooth is, but apart from that ... no difference. Will watch the two teeth that have the figure eight ligs on to see if they change ... one is my lower left central and the other is the lower left second premolar.

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