Wednesday, 27 July 2005

Tooth under Attack

Hit the panic button!

Geepers there I was enjoying chewing a toffee and chocolate lolly ... I'm such a chocolate addict that I just can't help myself. Anyway think I had three or more in a row. As I said ... I LOVE chocolate!

Next thing my mouth is in a panic ... the tongue has found the back of something that feels foreign and worse still I can't work out what it is.

To the bathroom fast ... to find ... half a cuspid is no longer where it should have been ... and I didn't even notice anything hard in that last lolly. Damn ... panic ... ortho in seven days ... feel and looks like half a cuspid is missing ... man I didn't need this to happen!

Ring the dentist ... who by the way had said his goodbyes a few weeks back and said see ya in 12 months ... famous last words ah! The receptionist says no appointments until a fortnight. So I explain I've gotta go to the ortho next Wednesday ... and she says there's a good chance they can squeeze me in tomorrow! Oh boy is I pleased about that ... strange really, coz don't remember ever being pleased about going to the dentist before ... but just know I need to get this fixed! I can't not make my ortho appointment ... have done that before, and suspect that's why things are where they're at today! I gotta be brave!

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